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Ontology models in zAgile Teamwork are expressed here in UML. Please note that UML is not total compatible with OWL 1.1, therefore, in some cases we used UML comments in order to express additional information.

Ontology Models

All relations (Object Properties) have a corresponding inverse relation but are not expressed in the models for brevity.
For instance,

 Person <inv-hasAuthor> Element 

is shown in the model, therefore, you can assume that there is also a relation

 Element <hasAuthor> Person 

Ontology Models By Categorized By Ontology

  1. Endeavor Concepts
    1. Element Ontology
      1. Person Ontology
      2. WorkProduct Ontology
        1. Requirements Ontology
        2. TestCase Ontology
      3. Producer Ontology
      4. WorkUnit Ontology
        1. IssueTracking Ontology
      5. Resource Ontology
      6. Project Ontology
      7. Stage Ontology
      8. Profile Ontology
      9. Contact Ontology
      10. Build Ontology
      11. TimeRelations Ontology
      12. SCM Ontology
      13. License Ontology
  2. Methodology Concepts
      1. WorkProduct Kind Ontology
        1. Requirements Kind Ontology
        2. TestCase Kind Ontology
      2. Producer Kind Ontology
      3. WorkUnit Kind Ontology
        1. IssueTracking Kind Ontology
      4. Stage Kind Ontology
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