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Please Note

Wikidsmart is installed on-premise and supports the following (click here for versions):

  • On-Premise: 
    • Confluence, 
    • JIRA, 
    • Selenium
  • SaaS/OnDemand: 
    • Salesforce (any edition), 
    • Zendesk, 
    • Launchpad, 
    • Github, 
    • Gerrit (Contact info @ zAgile .com for details)

For the following, please contact zAgile for previews of the Connectors:

  • Jenkins
  • FishEye

What is Wikidsmart?

Wikidsmart is a powerful open source platform that allows you to instantly integrate any software engineering tool as well as your CRM and Help Desk to achieve end-to-end traceability of your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities. Connectors are available today for Confluence, JIRA, Selenium, Salesforce, Zendesk, and others can be created as desired by your own team or by engaging with zAgile's services team. The instant integration enables ultimate interoperability, traceability, and faceted search of content across the environment.

What Are Wikidsmart Solutions?

Wikidsmart Solutions extend your existing installations of JIRA, Confluence, Selenium, Salesforce, and more including:

  • Requirements Management within Confluence, integrated with JIRA
  • Test Management within Confluence, integrated with JIRA. By integrating Selenium, they provide Test Automation and full circle traceability across your software engineering lifecycle.
  • By integrating Salesforce and Zendesk, they provide Customer onboarding and Customer Case management.

Wikidsmart Solutions include Wikidsmart Context Server (WCS) and are driven by the contextually integrated content of WCS and its software engineering knowledge model.

Wikidsmart Solutions add structured forms to the accessibility and collaborative nature of the Confluence wiki, leverage the workflow and task management of JIRA, and combine the content and functions of other systems to deliver powerful composite applications.

Finally, due to the extensible nature of Wikidsmart, you can also customize the solutions or create new ones.

With Wikidsmart Solutions, you can:

  1. Create Project Artifacts, Requirements, Test Cases, Test Suites, Project Meeting notes, etc. in Confluence using Wikidsmart Smart Templates
  2. Automatically link these artifacts together for contextual and unified information store
  3. Create Projects, Tasks, Components and Versions in JIRA and link them to Confluence artifacts
  4. View Project and Task-related artifacts (created in Confluence) in corresponding Properties tabs in JIRA
  5. Create Project Dashboards in Confluence that automatically extract real-time information from the information store
  6. Integrate information from other tools, such as Fisheye, Jenkins, Selenium, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Suite, etc. using connectors for these tools or via CSV exports from these tools

Wikidsmart Solutions include:

PM (Product Management)
  • Requirements management
  • Use case management
  • Feature management
  • Connectors: JIRA, Confluence
QA (Test Case Management for Quality Assurance)
  • Test case management
  • Test case automation
  • Connectors: JIRA, Confluence, Selenium
ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • All features included in PM and QA
  • Integration with version control systems via FishEye (CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion)
  • Process definition, management, dissemination, and tracking.
  • Dashboards for all aspects of software delivery
  • Connectors: JIRA, Confluence, FishEye, Jenkins
CRM (Integration with Customer Relationship Management)
  • Case management with
  • Customer on-boarding: automate customer on-boarding tasks and information flow between and JIRA with respect to training, services projects, implementation plans, etc.
  • Connectors: JIRA, Confluence, Salesforce
CD (Community Dashboards)
  • Dashboards within Confluence (read-only, no bi-directional interoperability of content) 
  • Connectors: JIRA, Confluence, Selenium, FishEye, GitHub, LaunchPad, Gerrit

The following documentation is bundled with Wikidsmart Solutions as space export from Confluence 5.1.  This documentation is also available in the Wikidsmart Sandbox at


Wikidsmart v4 Release Notes


Installation of Wikidsmart Solutions consists of three main steps, outlined below. The process assumes that the tools and applications you wish to use and/or integrate are already installed and operational (JIRA, Confluence, Selenium, Salesforce, etc.).

  1. Installing Wikidsmart Context Server
  2. Installing Wikidsmart Plugin for Confluence (not required necessarily, for example if integrating only Salesforce and JIRA)
  3. Installing Wikidsmart Plugin for JIRA (not required necessarily, for example if integrating only Salesforce and Confluence)
  4. Setting up Workflows (requires JIRA as it leverages JIRA workflows; contact zAgile if you prefer to use workflow from Salesforce or another workflow engine or BPM - business process management system)
    Please note that for evaluation Wikidsmart Solutions support: 
    1. Confluence 4.2, 4.3, 5.1 and 5.2 and 
    2. JIRA v5.1, v5.2 and v6.0. For production, please contact zAgile sales to support your precise versions of JIRA, Confluence, etc.

Getting Started

Wikidsmart Solutions Step by Step

Other files

Wikidsmart Dependent Libs and Licenses lists the libraries used in the product and their respective licenses.

Additional documentation on advanced configuration and customization is available here: Wikidsmart Documentation and Examples


Additional documentation below is available at

Advanced Topics

 Semantic Macros Guide

 These macros are used to build Smart Templates in Confluence

 Smart Templates Guide

 These templates are used to create structured content in Confluence
 zRendering Templates Guide These templates are used by Wikidsmart to render properties of instances of various key categories which are created either in Confluence or in other tools such as JIRA.

Designing and Working with Reports

Packaged Reports with Wikidsmart Solutions

Designing Reports for Wikidsmart Solutions

zAgile's Metamodel for Software Engineering



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    Can I do a baseline between requirements, teste case in confluence with the code in subversion, git, or svc?