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Documentation and Getting Started

EvaluationThere are a number of evaluation options.


Wikidsmart components overview, prerequisites before installing Wikidsmart, estimated time for install, installation and configuration instructions, step-by-step usage instructions, designing reports, packaged reports, and detailed feature descriptions.


Samples pages created from templates and queries. You can use these as examples to customize and build your own template forms and queries. Queries may be used to auto-generate wiki pages as well as to create reports and dashboards.


Ontology UML models  (Metamodels used by Wikidsmart for semantic integration across applications and tools)

VideosSee recorded webinars and short videos of Wikidsmart in action.
White paperTurn Confluence into an enterprise information dashboard
zAgile WebsiteOverview description of the Wikidsmart platform and Wikidsmart Solutions


Licensing and How zAgile Can Help


Wikidsmart 4 is available for download under the GNU AGPLv3 license.

Check here for supported Applications and Tools for your evaluation. Nearly any other versions of your applications and tools can be supported with a Wikdismart annual subscription.

Support Subscription & Services

For professional services and annual support subscriptions, please see pricing at the zAgile website and contact sales @ to purchase.

zAgile delivers technical support via annual subscriptions as well as other professional services, including training and consulting tailored to your precise requirements. With a pilot of 3-5 days zAgile ensures everything matches your expectations. An annual subscription ensures that Wikidsmart supports the latest versions of applications and tools in your environment. Contact zAgile about partners that are approved to deliver services in your region.



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